My boyfriend makes this amazing quesadilla


My boyfriend visited me one Saturday evening and did something awesome for me: he cooked an amazing quesadilla so we would not have to send out for pizza. I never imagined my boyfriend to be a whiz in the kitchen. For one, he is a serious fan of MMA and I have always believed he would rather order Chinese takeout and open a bottle of beer than work in the kitchen to put together a meal from scratch. Okay,I have never actually seen him do any serious cooking when we’re together but this most recent ‘event’ has gotten me more amazed at what awesome things guys can do when they set their mind to it.

He prepared a fantastic chicken quesadilla that would be a great recipe for parties. Good thing I already own this awesome quesadilla maker that has allowed me to prepare Mexican-style quesadillas in the comfort of my own home. I was even more grateful when boyfie used it to make this fantastic chicken quesadilla recipe using the ingredients I have always kept a good stock of in the fridge for my personal use. His chicken quesadillas can be frozen if there are any leftovers, and will reheat quite well the next day because they can be kept moist by covering them with aluminum foil.

My boyfriend’s chicken quesadilla recipe contains chicken and cooked peppers that are a succulent biteable delight mixed with melted cheese. We simply cut the quesadillas he cooked into wedges and served them with salsa and sour cream. The ingredients he used include: diced skinless, boneless chicken breast; some shredded Monterey Jack cheese; bacon bits; shredded Cheddar cheese; flour tortillas (the bigger, the better); chopped onion; red and green bell peppers, chopped; a packet of fajita seasoning; and some vegetable oil. He also needed some spray-on fat for the quesadilla maker. The preparation time took all of 30 minutes, with me assisting in the chopping. The quesadillas were cooked in 25 minutes, so we sat down to enjoy a fantastic Mexican meal in just 55 minutes, while joking around and talking about each other’s day.

First, boyfie heated a large saucepan with oil over medium heat. He then stirred in the onion and chicken. He asked me to pre-season the chicken with the fajita seasoning before he tossed them into the pan. He cooked the chicken till it was no longer pink in the center, then added the green bell peppers, red bell peppers, continuing to cook and stir till the vegetables became soft. This took an additional ten minutes. He then set the mixture aside to cool.

The quesadilla maker was preheated and some spray-on fat was applied to the cooking surface. The boyfriend then took a tortilla, placed it on the quesadilla maker, and layered some cooked chicken-and-vegetable mixture on it. He sprinkled that with Cheddar cheese and bacon bits plus Monterey Jack, then covered everything with a second tortilla. He sealed the lid shut and after 5 minutes, we enjoyed some crispy, golden brown quesadillas cooked perfectly while we watched TV. That was one amazing meal from an amazing guy!


A glass of yogurt per day is a great way of strengthening your immune system


Looking for an effective way to ward off nasty cold and flu germs? Try a glass of yogurt per day! Adding yogurt to your regular meals or snacks means you get plenty of calcium and protein, which is enough reason to make it a regular part of your healthy diet for healthy living. You may find that buying yogurt at the grocery store seems more convenient, but if you consider the cost of your accumulated commercial yogurt purchases, you could easily save up for a good quality yogurt maker so you can cook your own yogurt at home, even make entire batches to last you and your family a week. But enough of the savings and the money matters.

We’re here for the immunologic benefits of one glass of yogurt a day. There have been numerous studies that show how probiotics support a healthy diet. Food sources including yogurt are more easily absorbed by the body, making it a perfect source of probiotics. That is why millions of health-conscious people all over the world have made yogurt part of their daily diet. With more and more research published on the fantastic effects of yogurt, you can expect yogurt to stay among the superfoods that people will continue to enjoy.

Majority of studies indicate that the potential therapeutic effects of live, active bacteria cultures present in yogurt, and this includes their immunostimulatory effect, are primarily attributable to the changes in the gastrointestinal or GI flora induced by yogurt. With higher amounts of live active beneficial bacteria in the intestines, the growth of pathogenic bacteria can be suppressed, which results in reduced infection along with increased anticarcinogenic effects. Despite the fact that the components responsible for the host-defense mechanisms are not fully defined, yogurt has long been known to bolster those mechanisms against invading pathogens.

Yogurt produces immunostimulatory effects largely due to its bacterial components although the mechanisms of those effects are yet to be fully determined. There are studies that point to probiotics as being helpful in handling inflammatory bowel disease thanks to how they change the intestinal microflora and reduce the typical immune system response that makes disease get worse. Other studies indicate that probiotics may also enhance recovery from and resistance to infection.

Research on the elderly have found that illnesses have reduced duration in groups that partook of a specific probiotic in fermented milk, with a possible ⅕ reduction in the duration of winter infections such as respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. In addition, drug therapy has been found to have improved success in people who consumed yogurt with two probiotics namely, bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, and who have had persistent H. pylori infections, according to a recent study in Taiwan.

What Lies Behind the Blind Punch


There seems to be quite a mystery around what boxers call the ‘blind punch’. It is well known that your eyes can communicate to your opponent more than what you want to let them know. Basically, if you stare too much in one point, you may give the other a clear idea about where you are going to land your next punch. Professional boxers are known to be experts in landing so called blind punches. As the ones who have happened to be on the receiving end of such punches say, these are the ones that they did not see coming. So, what lies behind this very efficient technique?


Proper heavy bag training

Heavy bag training is essential for boxers. Of course, a heavy bag will not hit you back, but, as you practice your punches, you also need to practice your blind punches while you are hitting hard your heavy bag.

Professional boxers do not look at the bag when they are training. This way, they learn how to land a good efficient punch, without looking at their target. This may seem difficult at first, but, in a while, you will get the hang of it.

Don’t let your eyes wander off

Not looking at the bag is one thing, while letting your eyes wander off is another. It is important to stay focused in order to become a real expert in landing blind punches. You can perceive the presence of your bag, and later on, your opponent, using your other senses. For instance, the type of sound emitted by the bag when you are landing a hit can tell you if you did a good job, or on the contrary, a poor job.

Maintain a good awareness of where your bag is, without looking straight at it. This will help you a great deal when you will be facing a real opponent.


What to Expect from a Fish Finder


A lot of people know how easy is to get a fish finder and embark on a fishing trip that has increased chances of having you return with some fish in your bag. However, you should know that a fish finder is not some kind of oracle that will always tell you where to find fish. As long as you keep your expectations within limits, you will be able to make the best out of your fish finder.


Fish finders detect more than just fish

One thing you should know about fish finders is that they detect shapes and movement, which, in most cases, means that there are fish down there, waiting for your angler skills to be put to the test. However, this does not mean that occasionally, other things may move under the water, and cause the screen of your fish finder to react. Things such as floating plants can lead to such readings, but this doesn’t mean that fish finders are not accurate.

Fish finders are still just electronic devices

The ones who complain about fish finders not being able to always tell where fish can be found do not take into account that fish finders are nothing but electronic devices. Just like your cell phone that may start to act up once in a while, fish finders may offer erroneous readings.


Fish finders can break down

Another aspect to take into consideration is that fish finders can suffer malfunctions and even break down once in a while. This, again, can offer a not so satisfactory experience, but, nonetheless, it does not mean that, most of the time, these devices do not work.

Many anglers such as I now use fish finders, and, as far as I can speak for myself, they are quite useful to have around when you go on fishing trips.



What You Should Do When Using a Radar Detector


There are plenty of advantages of using a radar detector. I can personally say that there are quite plenty of speeding tickets that I didn’t get because I used such a device, especially when I had to hurry to be at a certain destination at the right time. However, getting a radar detector doesn’t mean that you should forget about being alert on the highway or a good driver. Here are some things I consider everyone should do when they are using a radar detector.


Keep your eyes open & read radar detector reviews

Yes, a radar detector can help you get rid of all kinds of speeding tickets, but it does not replace your need to keep your eyes open all the time. Other kinds of speeding detection systems are now developed and used, so you should not simply count on your radar detector alone. Try to learn from other drivers if there are areas of detection around, so you can drive at a normal speed and avoid any unpleasant consequences.


Protect your radar detector against high temperatures

Like any electronic device, a radar detector is not spared of the occasional malfunctions. If you want to preserve your detector in good working order, common sense dictates to keep it in the shade as much as possible, to avoid malfunctions due to high temperatures. Since this device is close to the windshield, this is not possible all the time, but at least when you park, make sure to put your car somewhere with a bit of shade so you can prolong the lifespan of your radar detector.


Do not overlook weak signal

Weak signals are not necessarily a sign that there is nothing to worry about. There can be interferences to cause the weak signal, but still that could be a sign that a radar is not far ahead. More details on weak signal can be found in this article.


What Can You Do with a Drill Press?


Anyone knows that a drill press is the perfect piece of equipment for drilling straight holes in any kind of material. However, a drill press is more versatile than that and you can use it for more than just drilling holes. Here are a few ideas of what you can do with such a piece of machinery.


Depth stop functionality

Depending on the type of project you have to complete, you may sometimes be required to drill holes that stop at a certain level. A power drill press comes with depth stop functionality that sets the depth for the holes drilled, so you can replicate them with maximum accuracy.


Cutting threads

Drilling holes is usually not enough to complete the entire required step of a process. Drilled holes need threads cut inside them, so that you can screw rods into them. You can use your faithful drill press for tapping, as this process is called, in order to create perfect holes.

Drilling angled holes

While drill presses are known to be best for drilling straight holes, there are models that come equipped with an adjustable small table that can be held at an angle in order to drill angled holes.


As a sanding tool

Some drill presses come with a few accessories that increase their value tremendously. For instance, there are certain models that have a sanding accessory that, once attached to the machinery, will start sanding the interior of the holes drilled or of any rounded cuts.



When you drill a hole through a piece of wood, some splinting and chipping may occur on the other side. If you use a deburring attachment for your drill press, you can minimize the occurrence of such mishaps, and your work will be top notch and flawless each and every time.


What Common Features Should Your Weather Radio Have?


Weather radios are very handy for people living in areas where tornadoes and hurricanes tend to hit more often, because they can receive the signal broadcast by NOAA and can help you stay informed on any weather changes. If you are looking for a weather radio, you should search for a model that comes with the most common and effective features. Here are the most important features your weather radio should have.

Alert signal

A weather radio is no good if no one listens to it. Staying glued to your weather radio all the time is not a solution, either, so a must have feature is the alert signal. Basically, when something serious is underway, and you need to take precautions to keep safe, the alert signal on your weather radio will let you know right away that there is a tornado or a hurricane coming.


Specific Area Message Encoding – SAME

This is a very useful feature, because it allows you to set your weather radio to receive alerts that are specific to your county and not the entire continent. This way, you will know when it is really the case to pack your emergency kit and run for shelter. Keep in mind that you will have to setup your radio to receive such messages.



A good and reliable weather radio should come equipped with flashlights and flashing beacon lights that can help you reach for other people during extreme weather conditions. Since power sources are the first affected during a storm, having a flashlight ready to use can be a lifesaver, given the circumstances.


Power source

There are all kinds of weather radios on the market, but you should go for one that works with replaceable batteries, or it is a hand crank model. This way, you will not depend on an AC source of electricity for your radio to work.


How to Toast a Bagel the Right Way


Frozen pastries may not sound like such a perfect tasty treat, but if you put a bit of mind into it, you may discover that there are ways to make a bagel relive its former glory. All you need is a bit of info that will be provided right away and a good 2 slice toaster so you can warm up your bagel in order to make it good to eat.



Storing bagels in your refrigerator is common and handy, but are you doing it right? The type of container you use for storing your bagels counts, unless you do not really mind eating stale bagels. However, if you are like most people, and you simply hate the idea of ruining a perfect bagel by making it stale through refrigeration, here is what you can do. Forget about the brown bag from the store and get a sealed zipper lock bag for your bagels. This way, your bagels will not become stale.

An idea of toasting a bagel is to slice it in two and place the two pieces inside a 2 slot toaster. Once the two parts are well done, you can top them with some tasty jam or any other topping you may prefer and eat your bagel.


There are 2 slot toasters on the market that are capable of offering you the possibility to warm up your bagels by simply coming equipped with a bagel function. For frozen bagels, there are also units that can reheat pastry without an issue, and these are much recommended if this type of food is part of your regular diet.

No matter what methods you use, don’t forget that using a toaster to reheat your bagels is very easy and convenient.


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What Kind of Car Seat Should You Get for Your Child?


Not just any car seat is the ideal choice for your kid, but before thinking about choosing the color they like, or any other subjective preference they might have, you should consider what car seat is the safest for your little one.


Rear facing seats


Rear facing seats are recommended for kids aged 0 to 12 months. You can find infant car seats that are specifically designed to protect the delicate body of a newborn. These do not have a very long lifespan, so you may want to consider a convertible model. Still, if you find newborn car seats you absolutely love, you should go for one, since these models are particularly put together to offer the best safety for very young children.


For those aged up to 3 years old


A good recommendation is to keep your baby in a rear facing position for as long as possible. If your kid has not yet reached the height of the car seat, there is no point in putting them in a forward facing seat. This way, they will remain safe for a longer duration and you do not have to consider purchasing a safer car seat. Convertible models are, of course, a good choice, if you are looking to make just one investment and then be done with it for good.


Forward facing seats

These seats come with a special harness that protects the kid’s most vulnerable areas. Basically, your kid is now traveling mostly like you do, only that they have a special seat. Forward facing seats with a harness are a good choice for kids aged 4 to 7 years old.


Booster seats for older kids


As you kid grows, you should consider getting a booster, or turning the convertible seat in its final stage. A booster is recommended up to 12 years of age, but if your kid is tall enough, they may give up on the car seat earlier. If you are interested in reading more about how to choose the best & safest car seat in 2016, you can check this website:


Is It Worth Getting a 4 Slice Toaster?

The answer to the above question should not be very difficult. If you are living alone and 2 slices of toasted bread are everything you need in the morning, there is no point in getting a 4 slice toaster. On the other hand, if you are a real fan of toasted bread, and there are others in your family who also enjoy toast first thing in the morning, getting one of these is highly recommended.

One cool thing about 4 slice toasters is that they allow you to toast different types of breads at the same time. Practically, if each member of your family has a different preference, you can simply satisfy everyone’s tastes, by putting the toaster to work. Anything from artisan breads to bagels and muffins can be warmed up or toasted with the help of this kitchen appliance, to help you enjoy a great breakfast with your family.

What could be more awesome than a toaster that lets you toast each slice of bread in a different manner? The latest models available on the market come with separate controls, so you can choose how each slice of bread will look like at the end. Consider picking a unit that comes with a wide range of browning levels and I can bet you will no longer hear complaints from your family members when you bring the toast to the table in the morning.

A little bit of more engineering is put into making 4 slice toasters and that is why it is more likely to find some interesting features in such a unit than in one with fewer slots. Defrost, Bagel and other features are now quite a fixture for 4 slice toasters.


Bagless Electric Brooms – A Solution for Asthma Sufferers


One major disadvantage of standard vacuum cleaners is that, while they are perfectly capable of removing dirt from your home, they are not such a great thing for cleaning dust. Even more, all the dust they remove from your floors and carpets is released into the air you are breathing, and if you suffer from asthma, this could really trigger some nasty bouts. Bagless electric brooms with special filters are the best solution for you.


Cleaning everything: One thing to notice about electric brooms is that you can use them to clean all kinds of surfaces. They are great for hard floors, for carpets, for upholstery, curtains and so on. Of course, it is highly recommended to get an efficient model and one that comes with plenty of accessories, so you can perform such a thorough cleaning. For asthma sufferers, removing as much dirt and dust from their environment is paramount, so it is worth doing the extra effort.


Special filters: Let’s not forget that even the most efficient models may not be such a great thing for asthma sufferers, if they do not come equipped with some special filters. HEPA is the best known, and its efficiency is recognized worldwide. This filter is capable of capturing 99% of all the dust and allergens in your carpets, floors, and upholstery, which means that the air you will breathe will be much better.


Bagless technology: Why is bagless technology important for electric brooms when it comes to wood floors? First of all, if you suffer from asthma, you surely do not want to manipulate bags filled with dust that can immediately get released into the air. Bagless models come with a special compartment that can be removed and washed under water right away.


Price: Finding a good electric broom for an affordable price may be essential.

Such advantages offered by electric brooms should be taken into consideration by those who need to protect their lungs by breathing in proper quality air.


What You Should not Take with You on Your RV Travels


Preparing for an RV trip requires a lot of careful planning ( there are many things you should take with you) but mishaps may occur once in a while. You may already know all the things you should take with you, but what about those you really do not need? Here are some ideas of things people tend to bring along, although they do not really need them on their RV travels.


Don’t overload with food

There is quite a constant worry among those planning their first RV trips that they will not have enough food with them. Sooner than you think, your RV will turn into a veritable pantry, with cans of all shapes and sizes that you will never finish. In order to avoid overloading your RV with food, a good idea is to plan your meals ahead, so you can get a clear idea of what you should really bring along and what should stay home.


The same goes for water

Fresh water can be a real problem when camping in the wild, but, if you are joining an RV camp, just learn in advance whether the camp water supply is usable. Bring only the water you need and you will not have to haul hundreds of gallons with you. For washing and other purposes besides drinking and cooking, the water supply found on the campgrounds may be just good enough.

Leave your work behind

It may sound like a good idea to sneak a peek at your laptop while you are away on vacation, but if you do not want your family to throw reproachful looks in your direction, you should leave everything work related at home. You will also ruin your vacation if you do not really decide to take a break and recharge your batteries so you can return to work after that, full of optimism and energy.


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